Dr Adam Owen (Ph.D, M.Phil, BSc HONS)

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the interest shown regarding my philosophy and ideals on the game at the elite professional level. May I begin the introduction stating the fact that I have managed to develop and underpin my performance coaching and management philosophy over many years working at the elite level of the game under some fantastic individuals.

Many facets of my philosophy have been developed in accordance with key scientific principles that help justify the approach to the game. I have taken the time to research and continually evolve over time. Thanks again for your time & I hope you gain more of an insight below whilst reading my research articles.


My performance model approach is bought out of a research based justified methodology which ensures a scientific basis for every specific aspect of training. This contemporary approach has evolved over many years and is a full integration around the physical, technical, tactical, psychological & social development of the playing staff.

With the content and application underpinned every day with a scientific basis I expect maximum gains from my methodology in association with significantly reduced injury rates and maximum training availability from my squad, enhancing the cost efficiency.

This has already been proved throughout my performance management career so far. The progression the game has seen over many years has allowed me to drive the specific applied research approach to ensure ‘coaching science’ methods are adopted subsequently maximising our time with the players.

The strategic platform provided to the players throughout the course of the season ensures a total tactical-technical-physical periodization approach and the integration & development of many game components are progressed.